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Beachcomber Excerpts

In keeping with the Handicap Committee mandate of education, topical articles are published in the monthly Beachcomber using examples from our own course.

Better Bunkering

The facts about smoothing the surface in a bunker and where is a rake when I need it?

Hole 4: Red or Yellow Hazard?

The tee box determines the Hazard that comes into play. This article also describes the FIVE options for a Lateral Water Hazard.

Hole 16: Options for a Water Hazard

The article contains a diagram of Hole 16 and describes various options for applying the Rules of Golf relating to a Water Hazard.

How to Apply Strokes When Competing from Different Tees

Competition, both casual and serious, can be played in various combinations: men versus men, women versus women and women versus men.

How to Score When You Don’t Finish the Hole or Don’t Play All the Holes

So you were late and had to skip a hole, or you are in match play and you don’t hole out – you still have to post a score. This explains how you account for your strokes on these holes.

Pick Up the Pace of Play without Having to Rush

Practical tips for keeping up to the group ahead of you and having a more relaxing game are featured in this article.

Play It Forward

If you want to have the experience of the pros, play the tee that best suits your game.  This is a Jack Nickolas endeavor. 

Taking Relief from Cart Path

If you want to learn the correct way to take relief from a cart path without a penalty, this explanation is straightforward

What are the Odds?

Of shooting a really low score? A good overview of Handicaps including how one inadvertently manipulates their Handicap. Sandbagger or vanity?