Beach Grove Golf Club Membership

Purpose of Handicap Committee

Golf’s handicap system is unique in the sports world as it allows players of different abilities to compete on an equitable basis.  However, handicaps only work when they are accurate. For that reason, there are checks and balances to ensure the integrity of the system.

Any member club using the RCGA Handicap System is required to have a Handicap Committee. Failure to do so can result in both the withdrawal of the RCGA license and the ability to issue a RCGA Handicap Factor.

The Handicap Committee is responsible for such areas as:

  1. Ensuring compliance, including peer review.
  2. Education of the members.
  3. Determining how handicap factor cards will be issued.
  4. Designating which rounds will be tournament scores.
  5. Determining penalties for players failing to post scores.

Composition of Committee

The RCGA stipulates that a majority of the Handicap Committee shall be members of the club.  Club employees may serve on the Committee, but an employee may not serve as Chairperson.

2017 Handicap Committee

  • Mary Adams, Chair
  • Brent Derrheim, Head Golf Professional
  • Dan MacLaren, Club Vice Captain
  • Bill McDonald, Men's Section Representative
  • Lois Nelson, Tuesday Match Committee
  • Shane Stevens, Club Captain