Beach Grove Golf Club Membership

Posting Scores

It is recommended that you post your adjusted score immediately following your round. Adjustments are guided by the Equitable Stroke Control chart that is on the right hand side of the Handicap Network. Scores should be posted with the actual date played.

Where to Post

Events Designated as Tournaments Scores

Not all tournaments are entered as tournament scores. At Beach Grove, the following tournaments are entered as tournament scores.

Men’s Events

Women’s Events

Mixed Events

Spring Classic

Grandmothers & Swingers


Senior Championship

Senior Championship

Club Championship

Club Championship

Beach Grove Amateur

Tuesday Women’s Challenge

Pro Am

Women’s Fall Classic

Fall Memorial Closing

If you are playing in an outside tournament and the Committee in charge of running that tournament has designated that the score(s) must be posted as a tournament, it is your responsibility to do so in a timely fashion.

Posting Policies for Non-Compliance

In order to ensure that members are competing with a valid handicap, the Handicap Committee has extended the recommended Golf Canada time frame (immediately after your round) when your score must be posted to 3 days after the round and prior to your next round, whichever comes first.

Additionally, the Penalty Score Policy has been revised as of April 25, 2016 to ensure this requirement is met and thereby protect the integrity of the game. The concept is that all members who fail to post scores after receiving a reminder will have a penalty score applied to their handicap and continued failure to post will result in not being permitted to participate in events.

Click on this link to download the full Policy